Land Development

private lenders land development viiCommercial Lending on Land Development and A & D loans (Acquisition and Development) are financial loans made for the purchase and sale of property. An advance of funds secured by a mortgage for improvements in order to convert raw land into construction ready sites is part of VII overall portfolio of secured interests. A & D loans are a primary in many of our partner platform portfolios, they are a catalyst for any large commercial undertaking but carry upfront risk when not coupled with tight conforming measures. We have several financial products for non-conforming land loans within our platforms. We work with A&D loan requests with up to 85% purchase and as little as a 15% borrower's down payment (and higher) as well 5% to 8% for cash out refinancing based on managed criteria of expenditures. Parcels that already have a tentative map for residential subdivision will be eligible for a refinance in the range of 60% to 80% of value and or if the current owner has the property up-zoned.